GEM*STAR History

ADNA Corporation was founded by Dr. Charles Bowman, formerly a division director brought in to reconfigure the LANSCE Accelerator at Los Alamos. He previously had been at Lawrence Livermore Lab and has a a Ph.D. in nuclear physics from Duke University. Dr. Bowman before leaving the lab demonstrated the use of the linear accelerator as a means of inducing a fission reaction in subcritical fuels (such as W-Pu, spent nuclear fuel in storage, or natural uranium) and also how adding neutrons to weapons plutonium makes it useless for building bombs thus satisfying requirements of disposal of the bomb making materials as part of the several START agreements.

Over the last decade Dr. Bowman has worked on improving the design of the core reactor simplifying the layout and testing the viability of molten salt transfer through a graphite core. Recognizing the ability of molten salt, the transfer agent for heat from core fission to heat for generating steam, as a pure heat source (without a burning carbon) for use in the well known Fisher-Tropsch method for tranforming carbon into liquid fuels and petrochemical feedstocks.

A prototype system is being developed at Dr. Bowman’s Virginia lab to demonstrate the feasibility of using molten salt heat (from burning wood) and cellulose (wood, digester solids, etc) directly into diesel fuel and paraffin using a modified Fisher-Tropsch method pioneered by Germany during World War II.

Combining a GEM*STAR nuclear reactor with the Fisher-Tropsch system creates a holistic nearly closed loop system for disposing of wastes and insuring sufficient liquid fuels and petrochemical feedstocks without adding additional carbon to the atmosphere or extracting one more gallon or ton of fossil fuels offering the potential for supplying nearly all the world’s energy requirements for thousands of years.