ADNA Corporation is seeking corporate partners with a vision of a safe, cost effective, form of non-polluting nuclear energy. Immediate opportunity to demonstrate reactor and associated liquid fuel plant on a DoD site solving the governments problem of disposal of weapons grade nuclear waste, production of tritium gas and biodiesel fuels. Currently in discussion with Los Alamos about developing initial Gem*Star reactor adjacent to the LANSCE accelerator. Estimated project cost $ 280 million of which 20% will be from private investor finance and remaining through loans. Estimated yearly profits on sale of diesel fuel and tritium gas is $ 75 million per year.

ADNA is looking for Partners

ADNA is in discussion with a number of possible partners able to rapidly grow this into a major solution to the pressing problem of maintaining baseload power using current infrastructure electric power (distribution systems, generator sets, and heat exchangers) without adding to greenhouse gases, turning animal and cellulose by-products into useful liquid fuels and petrochemical feedstocks insuring a long-term supply long after known fossil fuels are exhausted, and solving the nuclear waste problem offering a long-term solution to safe disposal without adding to the problem of nuclear fuels proliferation.

Some companies currently being approached:

  • General Electric Ventures
  • Stellar Newport News Nuclear — reactor division for naval reactors
  • BWXT Nuclear Operations Group

Other potential members of the ADNA Consortium Group could include:

  • Westinghouse Electric
  • Bechtel
  • Lockheed Nuclear
  • Babcock & Willcox
  • Systems integration companies with a global vision.​

A Worldwide Licensing Solution

Fusion as a solution to cheap energy for worldwide growth and expansion is still a long way off, whereas Accelerator Generated Nuclear Fission using existing known technologies combined to yield a holistic solution to the problems of nuclear and cellulose waste and cheap, long-term energy supply without producing more climate changing greenhouse gases requires a rapid dissemination of the technology. A global licensing strategy may be pursued once the initial technology is proven as safe and effective using safe disposal of weapons grade plutonium at DoE Labs.


graphic: reactororig

grapho: gemstar lanl orig