Phase I: Build Small Reactor and Liquid Fuel Plan adjacent to LANSCE Accelerator at NNSA Los Alamos

Tritium production for New Start  stockpile support (600 g/y)

Demonstration for burning 34 tons of W-Pu required by U. S.- Russian treaty at no cost to NNSA (50 kg/year) Production of 75 million gallons per year of 100% renewable diesel from byproduct cellulosic materials (wood refuse). Thirty years of LANSCE beam to ADNA with all current LANSCE programs continuing ADNA capital into LANL  TA-53 $280 million with 20 % from Investors and an 80 % small business loan at 6 % over 30 years. No capital cost from NNSA for tritium or W-Pu burning capability

Five percent of private investment already committed placing a present value on ADNA Corporation of $12.5 million

The LANSCE accelerator, pictured above, sits on a single mesa isolated from the rest of the Los Alamos Labs.  Next to it the underused accelerator there is a surplus industrial building and site T-82.